Tanja from Munich would like Bernie and Lexi to answer her question:

Who cooks the food on the airplane?

Bernie shows a mother with her child eating on a plane

Bernie: "Mmmh airplane food! There are always so many small bowls and delicious snacks…"

Lexi presents the SWISS Kids children's menuLexi: "Bernie, you are digressing! Dear Tanja, that's a good question, because someone has to cook the food that is served on an airplane of course. On an airplane, there isn’t a normal kitchen like we have at home. There is not enough space and an open fire or gas are not allowed on board.

That's why the dishes are already cooked on the ground. This is done by special companies. After being prepared, the food is cooled rapidly and packed. The meals are then brought on board in trolleys, i.e. practical carts on wheels."

Bernie: "Trays with crockery and cutlery and the cold parts of the meal (i.e. bread and butter) are stored on the plane. The stewardesses simply have to warm up the hot meals and place them on the trays - and then they can serve the passengers the food."

Lexi: "Yes that's right, Bernie. By the way, food tastes different way up in the sky compared to on the ground. The air pressure is higher which alters our sense of taste - the food appears to be bland to us which is why the dishes are seasoned more strongly, so that we enjoy them on our flight. Have you ever tried the delicious SWISS children's menus? I bet you'd really enjoy them too!"