Lorenz from Constance wants to know from Bernie and Lexi:

How does one become a pilot?

Bernie in front of an aircraft cockpit in which the pilot is talking to a woman

Bernie: "Hello, Lorenz! It is nice that you are interested in this exciting profession. Pilots travel a lot and they get to know great countries and people.

A pilot has to be very technically-minded so that he can steer the aircraft - and maths are also important, because the pilots calculate the best flight route for instance and how much kerosene, in other words fuel, they need for the trip."

Lexi shows a SWISS crew with pilots and flight attendantsLexi: "The pilot training is a little different at every airline. At SWISS the rules are: In order to apply, you have to speak German, be at least 1.60 metres tall and no taller than 1.98 metres as well as being between 20 and 33 years old."

Bernie: "In addition, the trainee pilots have to have a school leaving certificate, vocational diploma/advanced technical college certificate or must have completed vocational training - it depends which country they come from.

They then have to demonstrate their skills in an aptitude test: Geometry, physics and maths are tested, but also how fit the participants are and whether they are really suited to the profession."

Lexi: "Those who pass the test are allowed to attend the pilot training course, which lasts between one and a half and just under 2 years. During this time, the apprentices learn everything about flying, train in the flight simulator and of course actually fly themselves.

After completing the course, the future pilots are trained for specific aircrafts, because every airplane is slightly different."

Bernie: "Exactly. And after that they actually take off: The new pilots are allowed to fly passengers to a wide range of destinations!

First of all on short haul flights, that means destinations that aren't too far away, like London or Amsterdam. Later they are also able to do the long-haul flights, for instance to the USA, Canada, etc. A very special job - perhaps it would be the right thing for you?!!

You can learn more about this by visiting our click airport. Simply click here: Professions at the airport."