Mia from Olten would like Bernie and Lexi to answer her question:

Is the Swiss men's national football team always flown by the same pilot and in the same aircraft?

 The Swiss national team in the stadium

Lexi: "Dear Mia, you are obviously just as excited as we are about the World Championship that is due to kick off soon 😊. Regarding your question we have asked around: No, the national team doesn't always fly with the same pilot. SWISS gives different pilots the opportunity to fly the famous football stars around the world. It is namely a real highlight for the pilots too!"

The Swiss national team in the stadiumBernie: "And in this way the national players also get to know SWISS better, because they always meet other pilots. Cool!"

Lexi: "Which aircraft is used depends on where the national team has to fly to. Mostly an A320 or A321 type of aircraft are used. Incidentally, you can examine the great SWISS fleet here at SWISS Kids, all you have to do is click here on: SWISS Fleet."

Bernie: "Perhaps we will see the national team if we are at the airport at the right time, Lexi! In any case, I am really looking forward to the tournament! 😊"