We love the summer!

Bernie and Lexi are eagerly looking forward to an exciting summer: Swimming baths, loads of ice cream, new inventions and of course summer vacation and holidays – it is going to be fantastic!

Are you looking forward to the warm season just as much as the two heroes? Then, you can really let your energy loose here on our summer fun page with games, crafting tips and great prize draws. Have fun!

Bernie and Lexi lying on sunbeds surrounded by palm trees

Summer Cinema Prize Draw

Summer Cinema Prize Draw

Which episode of Bernie and Lexi's adventures did you like most so far?

Submit your vote and with a bit of luck you can even win a cool SWISS prize!

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This is what you can win:

1st prize: A SWISS flight within Europe for you and your family*
2nd prize: A B777 SWISS model airplane
3rd-5th prize: A SWISS package comprising a plush Swissli, SWISS towel, Frisbee and a beachball

*Max. 5 people

The prizes of the summer prize draw: a flight within Europe, a model airplane and further SWISS prizes

Lexi's Super Sunshade

Collect the parts for Lexi’s cool invention in the new game. But don’t let yourself get caught by Dr. Zak’s camera drones!

Bernie on the Skyboard in a summery outfit