Michi from Zurich wants to know from Bernie and Lexi:

Can I visit the pilot in the cockpit?

Bernie shows a SWISS pilot in an aircraft cockpit

Lexi: "Hi, Michi, you are obviously just as curious as I am 😉! Being a pilot is a really exciting profession – after all you get to travel a lot and see loads of thrilling places. That is why many passengers ask themselves what it feels like to sit right at the front of the airplane, the so-called cockpit."

Lexi in front of the instruments in an aircraft cockpit

Bernie: "That's right, Lexi! Unfortunately though, due to reasons of safety it is not permitted to enter the cockpit during the flight. After all, it isn't that easy to fly an airplane. The pilot has to concentrate hard and keep an eye on everything."

Lexi: "The next time you fly with SWISS, however you can ask the stewardesses very politely after the flight, if you are able to take a glance at the cockpit. If it is convenient and they have enough time, you might be lucky! 😊“