Anoushka from Cham would like Bernie and Lexi to answer her question:

Which is the biggest SWISS aircraft?

A Boeing 777 in the sky above Bernie

Bernie: "Very big and impressive aircrafts fly for SWISS. The biggest of them all is the Boeing 777-300ER. It carries up to 340 passengers to their destinations around the world."

The screens in the Boeing 777Lexi: "That's right, namely the 777 only flies to special long-haul routes, for example to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bangkok or Hong Kong. Boasting a top speed of 945 km/h it is almost three times faster than the Grand Prix racing cars!"

Bernie: "Furthermore, the Boeing 777 is 74 metres long. In comparison: A football pitch is between 90 and 120 metres long. In spite of this the 777 is kind to the environment because its modern engines use less fuel than many older aircrafts."

Lexi: "And did you know, Anoushka? The seats in the First Class can even be turned into a snugly bed. Even the 'normal' seats in the so-called Economy Class are especially comfortable. Each of them has a great touchscreen, which enables you to watch Bernie's and my adventures for example during your flight 😊 Perhaps you will take off in the Boeing 777 next time?"