René from Thun wants to know from Bernie and Lexi:

How long has SWISS already existed?

Bernie presents one of the first SWISS aircraft

Bernie: "Hey, René! SWISS was founded in 2002, so it has in the meantime already existed for more than 15 years. Incidentally, the full name of the airline is Swiss International Air Lines. The first SWISS aircraft took off on 31 March 2002. Back then the 65 passengers on board flew from Basel to Zurich with an Avro RJ85."

Lexi: "But that was just the start, Bernie. Things weren't easy for SWISS as a new airline in the early days. However, in 2005, SWISS was taken over by the large Lufthansa Group. From then on SWISS achieved its turnaround and a few years later SWISS was able to fly really far distances for the first time. The first long-haul flight in 2007 was destined for Delhi in faraway India - absolutely miles away!"

Lexi shows how two men attach the new SWISS logo

Bernie: "There was no stopping them after that: In 2008, SWISS even flew to Shanghai in China, which is even much further than India."

Lexi: "What was still missing? A chic new logo! In 2011, the old logo was replaced. Since then SWISS took on the appearance we are familiar with today. As you can see, René, SWISS is actually still a young airline. However, it has changed a lot over the course of the years.

If you want to see which aircraft fly for SWISS today, simply click here: the SWISS Fleet."