Kim from Siegen in Germany wants to know from Bernie and Lexi:

Bernie and Lexi, how do you actually know each other?

Bernie and Lexi as children at the airport, Bernie looks sad

Lexi: "Oh, what a lovely question, dear Kim! You know, Bernie and I have already known each other for many years. The first time we met was…"

Bernie: "…at the airport! That really was an amusing story. I was on holiday with my Uncle Max and we were just travelling back home. On the way to our aircraft, I was so impressed by all of the huge airplanes that I could see through the window panes that I simply forgot to keep walking. After all, I was still a very young dog at the time!

When I looked back, I suddenly couldn't see a trace of Uncle Max. I was very frightened, because I didn't know anyone and I also didn't know which way to go."

Bernie and Lexi play as children in Uncle Max' cabin

Lexi: "At that very moment, I came speeding round the corner and saw Bernie. I asked him what was wrong and whether I could help him. Luckily, I am able to fly so I have a much better overview from the air. So, I sped straight off and kept my eyes peeled for Max.

I managed to find him quickly - he was already searching for Bernie and was very worried himself."

Bernie: "I was so relieved that Lexi helped us! We thanked her and then we quickly set off on our way again - and we actually managed to catch our airplane too. And who do you think flew into the aircraft as the last passenger all of a sudden? Lexi! You can imagine how surprised I was.

She had helped me even though she was rushing to catch her own airplane. And the best thing about it: She was also heading for Zurich! That's how we realised we both lived in the same city."

Lexi: "Since that day we have been inseparable! Bernie is my all-time best friend. We have experienced so many amusing, wild and mad adventures together. Unfortunately, Uncle Max has been missing for some time already - but we will also solve this puzzle together too! Perhaps you would like to help us? You can find all videos on our adventures here: Bernie and Lexi's adventures."