Marie from Neuchâtel wants to know from Bernie and Lexi:

Are children also allowed to fly alone?

Bernie as pilot waves to a boy travelling alone and a SWISS employee

Bernie: "What a thrilling question, Marie! Yes, children over the age of 5 are allowed to fly with SWISS on their own, in other words without their parents or family - which is a pretty exciting adventure, isn't it?"

Lexi: "But Bernie, you've forgotten to mention the most important thing! Of course, someone always looks after you when you fly alone, Marie. There are special SWISS attendants, who are present throughout the journey and who make sure that everything runs smoothly."

Bernie: "That's right! You are picked up at the check-in and are accompanied through all the controls right through to the gate, i.e. the entrance to the airplane. Then on the plane, a nice stewardess takes care of you and after landing someone brings you to the place you are being picked up from."

Lexi shows an unaccompanied girl being looked after by a SWISS flight attendant on an aircraftLexi: "This escort assistance is called the 'UM service'. If you would like to fly with SWISS on your own, your parents have to call the Service Centre in advance and book for you. Incidentally, children aged 12 and over are allowed to fly completely on their own too, but of course they are allocated an escort if they require one.

As you can see, most children can fly alone. It is something that happens every day and isn't at all unusual. If I fly without Bernie, I am always delighted at how well everyone at SWISS looks after me! 😊“