Emma from Bern wants to know from Bernie and Lexi:

What is a black box?

Lexi at the airport, there's a black box on the tarmac

Lexi: "Dear Emma, the black box is a very important device that is found inside almost every airplane. Although it is called a black box, it is usually orange and is around the same size as a shoe box."

Bernie: "Incidentally, flight recorder is another name for the black box. That is because it records different data during the flight: the speed, the altitude, the route and much more. The small box also records sound, for example the announcements, the radio communications or conversations. Would you like to explain to Emma, why all this data is collected, Lexi?"

Lexi and a SWISS aircraft

Lexi: "Gladly, Bernie! It is quite simple: Should an accident occur, the data from the black box can be analysed. In this way, one often finds out how the accident came about. That is important so that one can learn from the situation and to make airplanes even safer than they already are."

Bernie: "So that the data can be analysed, the black box mustn't break of course. That is why it is made of particularly robust material. For example, it can withstand a fire or even landing in water. So that the search crews can find it, it emits radio signals and thanks to its bright colour it stands out immediately. Pretty clever, don't you think?"