Mats from Heidelberg in Germany wants to know from Bernie and Lexi:

Can you become a pilot if you wear spectacles?

A pilot with spectacles stands in front of an airplane, Bernie stands next to him and waves

Bernie: "Hi Mats! Don't worry, there are also pilots who wear spectacles or contact lenses. However, anyone who wants to become a pilot has to be checked over to make sure he is really healthy and fit.

Of course pilots don't have to be top athletes, but they should be in good shape. During the examination it is also checked if the aspiring pilot can see everything too. The really important thing is that each eye has full vision - regardless of with or without spectacles or contact lenses."

Lexi: "That's right Bernie, aids such as spectacles or contact lenses are allowed during the eye test. For example, pilots at SWISS can be short-sighted or long-sighted up to a limit of +5.0 or -6.0 dioptres. Dioptre is the measurement unit that describes how far or how near one can see."

Lexi with spectacles points astonished at an airplane in the sky

Bernie: "What's more, there are further physical conditions. For example, a pilot has to be between 1.60 metres and 1.98 metres tall.

However, each airline can have own, additional provisions. That is why it is important that you inform yourself correctly with the airline of your choice, if you want to work for them as a pilot."

Lexi: "Perhaps you will take off with your own SWISS airplane one day, Mats. Up until then you can pay attention during your next flight, how many pilots you can discover who wear spectacles."